Alcohol Detox – Can it Be Done at Home?

People leave off alcohol when it becomes a problem for them, just as people with high blood pressure have to leave salt after they are diagnosed with a hypertension, or people leave sugar after they develop diabetes. Just like that, people have to leave alcohol when they develop the conditions of alcoholism.

This is essentially, what detox means. You are getting rid of the toxin in your body (alcohol in this case or anything that is harming you). In the process, you can choose to be admitted to a treatment centre for the process or do it at home. However, the first step is always to consult a specialist.

Alcohol detox is not as simple as just deciding upon giving up drinking on extensive level. Alcoholism is a disease and needs to be treated like any other disease. Just as you cannot prescribe medicines for yourself, you cannot decide to undergo Alcohol Detox all on yourself. You can do it at home but not without advise from an expert.

The expert will be your doctor or the team at addiction rehabilitation centre. They will prescribe medicines for you that will help you leave alcohol while easing the withdrawal symptoms. The success of your treatment would depend on how rigorously you stick to the regimen set by the experts. If your resolution seems to become weaker every now and then, it is best to enroll at an in-patient facility.

In addition, it depends on the severity of the problem. If alcoholism has deteriorated to an extent where secondary health problems like liver cirrhosis have set in, home detox may not be a good idea. It is so because your body needs to be monitored throughout until the detox is complete, and you are on your way to a healthy life. In such a case, you will have to stay at a residential treatment centre.

If, however, you do choose to undergo treatment at home, you should join a support group and counseling to help you through. It is a difficult path and you need all the encouragement and support you can get. Do not go into it alone. This is partly why many people who successfully win over the habit of alcoholism prefer in-house treatment.

You cannot do it alone. Even if you are successful at abstinence and control your withdrawal symptoms with drugs, there is a strong chance of relapse if you do not undergo counselling or have a support group. Therefore, we can say that while detoxification can be done at home, it is not complete without the aid of a medical expert.

You need support from other people and counsellors. You also need a physician to prescribe medicines for yourself and monitor the state of your health through the detoxification process. Take your time while you consider this. If you think you have enough resolution to go through with it at home, and you are an active part of a support group, you may opt for detoxification at home. However, for compromised health or poor resolution, residential treatment is never a better option.


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