Bose 15 Are In Great Demand – Find Out About All Types Of Headphones

Bose 15, formally known as Bose QuietComfort 15 Acoustic Headphones, are in great demand because of the high-quality of the features of both the original model and the newest model. There are five(5) features that distinguish these headphones from other major brands:

1. Superb Sound Quality:

The superb sound quality can be attributed to the fine sound engineering, best demonstrated by listening to your favorite music recordings, and hearing the very rich and full sound – well-balanced – and enhanced by excellent clarity, and subtly increased treble.

2. Extremely Comfortable:

The headphone cups fit completely over the entire ear(s), and they are positioned in such a way as to be secure without applying excessive pressure. Finally, with leather applied all around to sell your beats headphones, and on top of the headset, these headphones are extremely comfortable.

3. Outstanding Noise-Cancellation:

The reason that the sound attenuation for these headphones is outstanding, is because of the superb noise-cancellation engineering. This was accomplished by applying special electro-acoustic technology that provides exceptional sound isolation, which is second, only, to high-quality in-ear headphones.

4. Exceptionally Long Battery Life:

One of the hidden features that is only appreciated in times of crisis, is the long life of the batteries in these headphones. Nothing is worse than the feeling – as you are losing power – of knowing that you are out of batteries, and you don’t have access to new ones. This is why these headphones have been engineered to have exceptionally long battery life.

5. Easy Portability And Protection:

Finally, the excellent engineering of the Bose QuietComfort 15 Acoustic Headphones, also, includes a well-designed carrying case. The headphones fold neatly in this compact, zippered carrying case, with a rigid exterior enclosure to protect your headphones from being damaged while you are traveling.


The following portion of this article is intended to provide useful information about all types of headphones, so that you will be able to make an informed decision when you, finally, decide to buy your next set of headphones.

The choices in headphones range from full-size to padded ear-cup models to snug-fitting earbuds (in-ear headphones). You should try out several different models, and decide which one best meets your needs. There are four(4) major types from which to choose:

1. Earbuds (In-ear Headphones)

2. Sports Headphones

3. Ear-pad Headphones

4. Full- size Headphones

1. Earbuds (In-ear Headphones:

Although earbuds are commonly issued as ” freebies” with portable players, the high-performance earbuds, or “buds”, can offer sound quality that rivals the full-size models. The earbuds tiny ear pieces rest on the outer ear, or can be inserted into the ear canal, hence the term “in-ear”. However, some models do include ear clips for a more secure fit.


Extremely compact and lightweight, the earbuds are the most portable of all the headphone types. They can provide moderate to excellent noise-cancellation (isolation from external noise). When worn, they do not interfere with glasses, earrings, hairstyles or hats.


The sound quality is often compromised in the cheaper models, especially, as compared to the full-size models. Further, the earbuds can cause discomfort over extended periods of use. In addition, some models are difficult to insert and remove from the ears, and the two separate cables can get tangled easily.

2. Sports Headphones:

Sport headphones are also known as Walkman-style headphones, portable headphones, fashion headphones, vertical headphones, clip-on headphones, neckband headphones and behind-the-neck headphones.

This broadly defined category, usually, refers to models with two vertical headbands that arch over the head, or horizontal models that extend behind the neck or head. These headphones usually have open-back designs, so that the user can hear the ambient noise around them, as they are running or jogging, for example.


The Sports headphones are very portable. The behind-the-neck designs stay in place when you are jogging or running. Further, they will not interfere with your hat or hairstyle.


Unfortunately, a lot of the slender headphone models are not very durable. Also, some of the behind-the-neck designed models can exert a significant amount of pressure on your ears, which can be quite uncomfortable.

3. Ear-pad Headphones:

The Ear-pad headphones are also known as Supra-aural headphones, on-ear headphones, closed-back headphones, semi-open headphones and open-back headphones.

These headphones always rest on your outer ears. However, although Ear-pad headphones can have closed designs that cover the ears, they are never fully sealed in the way that the Full-size headphones are. The Ear-pad headphones run the gamut from being inexpensive portable models, to being very expensive high-end models.


The Ear-pad headphones are very comfortable, and are less likely to over-heat your ears than the Full-size headphones. Further, in the high-end models, the noise-cancellation (sound isolation) can be very good. In addition, there are some models that fold-up for easy portability.


The Ear-pad headphones have less powerful bass, as compared to the Full-size headphones. In addition, the noise-cancellation (sound isolation) is less effective than the Earbuds (In-ear headphones) or Full-size headphones.

4. Full-size Headphones:

Full-size headphones are, technically, known as circumaural – in non-technical terms – this includes any headphones with ear cups that fully cover (enclose) your ears. Because of their larger size, Full-size headphones are often considered to be better suited for home use, and not as good for portable use.


The Full-size headphones offer the best options for superb sound quality, maximum bass and the highest volume levels. In addition, the noise-cancellation (sound isolation) is excellent.


Because of their large size, the Full-size headphones are cumbersome for portable use. Furthermore, some Full-size models can be hot and uncomfortable over extended periods of use, and may make your ears to sweat. Finally, the headbands of the Full-size headphones often interfere with glasses, earrings and hairstyles.


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