College Study Skills – Skills and Techniques to Learn More

College can be a real step up in work load and pressure for most people. From lectures, tutorials, research papers, lab practices, to exam preparation, tests, assignments and presentations, there are a set of crucial study skills which you must master to stay on top of your workload.

Note-taking skills for lectures and discussions are really important. You need to be able to summarize what someone is saying in your own words and organize your notes in an accessible way, for revision and assessments.

Firstly, you need to know what you are looking for. So begin every study session with an outline of what you want to get out of your time studying. This is crucial for time-management purposes as well. The more targeted your study is, the quicker you will get graphic novels for elementary students through it. The Macro-micro study approach (click the link below) is one of the most effective methods for time-management and targeting your study sessions.

Summarizing your notes and organizing them for exam and revision purposes should incorporate tables and maps. Anything to physically limit the space for summaries will help you use language as efficiently as possible.

For essays, presentations and exams, planning skills are crucial. It is important to have a coherent structure and argument with topic and linking/concluding points planned prior to writing.

Use mind maps for planning essays. They will make the whole process simple and enjoyable. It is easy to see and represent ideas more effectively using a map of some sort. There is an art to mind mapping; it begins with getting the ordering idea branches right, and using one word per stem.

With writing, keep paragraphs short and discuss 1 idea only. This will help you make your argument more sequential and easier to articulate. Flow writing is a highly efficient style of writing essays. It is based on the 1 idea per paragraph idea with emphasis on key points of a paragraphs. It is far too lengthy to explain here and needs practical application (learn-by-doing). Visit the website for more information about flow writing and other key writing strategies.

These skills are fundamental to most disciplines in college and once mastered will make the whole educational experience much easier. It’s important to know your learning style and what specific strategies are good for note-taking, planning, writing and summarizing. Furthermore, it is crucial to understand the most effective study approaches such as the macro-micro approach to excel in college.


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