Depression – A Curable Hazard

It is very necessary to catch this disease at primary level to avoid serious damages. Initially patients do not accept the fact that they need psychological treatment, which proves very harmful to them. The symptoms of depression are also different in each case, so, analysis of the illness is difficult. Severity level of depression can drive the patients to suicide attempts. Change in behavior; negative thinking, unwillingness, sudden change in mood are some symptoms of depressive disorder.

Patients of depression cannot concentrate on a subject. It may affect their decision power too so such patients become upset. Self confidence is lost in such disorders. Low spirit, guilt complex, short tempered nature etc are common in all cases. If the illness is severe, patient can harm himself or commit suicide too.

Feeling of sadness without any reason is the common symptom of the illness. Feeling tiresome, lonely apathetic etc. can be easily found in these people.
Another sign of the disorder is loneliness. These patients run away from society and become extremely introverted by nature. Desire of food is also changed in these cases. It may be less or more than usual. Excessive nostalgic or sentimental nature is also common, so they become over emotional.such people cry a lot. Lack of Sexual desire can be found in this disorder.

Neglecting personal appearance, extreme Am I Depressed or Lazy laziness adds shabbiness to their personality.
Automatically it affects social status, performance at work, household discipline etc.

Mental disorder may cause physical illness like weakness, tiresome feeling, lack of sleep, restlessness headaches etc.

These symptoms may last for some days or even years. Some experts take initial and short term depression as a defense mechanism of human psychology. So, feeling depressed for a couple of days is very natural but if you feel in the same way more than a week you must help yourself come out of it. There is no point in diagnosing yourself so, consult a psychologist.

Sometimes depression can also be caused due to chemical imbalances inside the mind of a person. So, these are totally curable with mere medicines and do not deal with psychology. Some psychological disorders are hereditary. So, case history proves helpful to diagnose such cases.

Extreme stress, workload, emotional shocks, relationship troubles, serious loss etc. are a few reasons, which may cause depression. Social, educational and work environment is very important to build a balanced psychological nature of a person. Decision making ability, stress management, habits of self evaluation and meditation can help you to avoid ill- effects of stress.

Depression diagnosis usually includes study of case history, mental stress test, medication, psychotherapy according to the nature of the patients need. Generally, medication is used to treat the symptoms. So, psychotherapy is used in alternative manner with medication. It is harmful to take depression pills without consultation so a good psychiatrist is very necessary to cure depression.

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