How to Wash a Sports Car

So you want that sports car to look as sleek and as shiny as possible without spending bucks in a car wash. You can do it on your own. This is even better since you know how to treat your car nicely.

The cleaning process is actually just a breeze. Here are some steps you can carry out:

Step 1: Use your hose and wash all parts of the car. Make sure the car windows and doors are closed to prevent the inside from being drenched. Just direct your hose at the top of the car and the water will cascade down.

Step 2: Get a good car soap or detergent from your store. Get a bucket of water ready and pour the right amount of the soap. Dissolve the soap until it forms more suds.

Step 3: Start cleaning the top of the car. If you cannot reach it, use a small stool to reach the top area. Some of the soap will slide down the sides so it is better to start in this area. Use a big sponge or glove and dip it in the sudsy water. Wipe the upper tesla side mirror part in a circular motion. Afterwards, you can continue in the sidelines of the car and then the windshield. Carefully life the wipers so you can have better access. You can also turn the wiper on to clean the bottom part of the windshield.

Step 4: Wipe the front and the back of the car as well. The wheels you can leave as it is or you can wipe the rims and remove dirt and mud. Wipe the part of the car that is right above the wheels as this is often times the dirtiest.

Step 5: Rinse the car. Start at the top most area again and work your way downwards, to the sidelines, the windshield, the side mirrors, the bumper and the rear of the car.

Step 6: Get a clean towel and dry the car off after washing. You can also apply car polisher or a special kind of polisher for the wheels. This will help retain the lustre of the exterior of the car.

Step 7: Also do not forget to clean the interior of your car. Get a clean towel and clean the interior of the windshield. Remove clutter from your car and put air freshener if you want. Now your car looks new again.


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