Information About Gemstone Jewelry

Gemstone Jewelry comes in a wide variety of beautiful colors which make them extremely appealing to people both young and old. This jewelry can be used for traditional attire as well as with trendy clothes. Therefore, the older generation as well as youngsters would be equally interested in gemstones. Based on the color of these stones, they are called by different names. The different colors are formed due to variations in the mineral composition of the base mineral and the presence of traces of other compounds.

Gemstone jewelry is predominantly sourced from developing nations like Sri Lanka and some countries in Africa. Unlike diamonds which are primarily marketed in Tel Aviv, Antwerp and New York which are strongholds in the diamond industry, gemstones are traded by much smaller players in the market mainly from third world countries. We will take a brief look at the various kinds of Tansanit gemstones available in jewelry today.

The first in our list of gemstone jewelry is the Ruby. Rubies come from Corundum, which is an aluminum oxide mineral. Corundum crystals are normally red in color which gives rubies their distinctive red color. But of course, Corundum does not always occur in its natural state and can hence exhibit a wide range of other colors too. These colors depend on the amounts of traces of other elements such as iron, titanium and chromium found in the original Corundum. When titanium and iron are found in Corundum, it gives rise to a blue color which gives rise to the formation of Sapphires. Sapphires can also be found in other colors apart from blue based on the presence of other elements in the base mineral. Sometimes sapphires can be found in pink, opaque black and yellow colors are well, apart from their popular blue color.

Emeralds are also one of the most sought-after stones in gemstone jewelry. Due to its beautiful shades of green, emeralds are high preferred and valued more among gemstones. They are formed from Beryl, a silicate of aluminum and glucinum. Since Beryl is much softer in nature, emeralds need to be handled with care as they can be easily scratched.

Among gemstone jewelry Tanzanite is the only gemstone that is found only in a single location in the world. This stone is found only in Tanzania which gives it its name. This stone belongs to the Zoisite family and exhibits a variety of shades of purple and blue which has made it a favorite among gemstone lovers. Tanzanite is also quite soft and needs to be handled carefully like emeralds.

Aquamarine features next in our list of gemstone jewelry. It belongs to the Beryl family just as the emeralds. It displays a range of colors from blue to blue-green to sea-green. A deep blue color is the most preferred shade for an aquamarine gemstone.

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