Stand Out from the Crowd: Splash Tents – Custom Tents for Restaurants, Breweries & Wineries

Splash Tents, a Texas-based promotional products company that manufactures event tents, pop up canopies, and all kinds of trade show displays, serving the entire United States.

Eye-catching presentations are the magic ingredient for success at festivals and events. Whether you are a brewery showcasing your latest seasonal brew, a restaurant tempting attendees with culinary creations, or a brand promoting a new product, creating a visually appealing space is key to attracting and engaging the crowds. In the energetic environment of a festival, where dozens of vendors compete for attention, a well-designed and branded tent from can make all the difference.

Splash Tents, Inc. empowers businesses of all sizes to leave a lasting impression by providing them with the tools they need to create impactful event spaces. Yes, we do so by being affordable, providing the best customer service with record turnaround times as well as providing a product that is far superior to our competitors’. From custom canopy pop up tents and advertising flags of different shapes and sizes to essential accessories such as custom tablecloths, directors’ chairs and trade show backdrops, Splash Tents offers a comprehensive selection of products designed to elevate your brand presence.

What makes us unique? 

Apart from the top-quality products at affordable prices, our exceptional designers and attention to detail sets us apart.  Our designers will utilize your logo along with your product offerings, and after thoroughly analyzing your social media and website, along with collaterals will come up with a customized cohesive design for your display set-up. Yes, the design will be beyond belief. We have been told on numerous occasions that the designs are great, but when the client receives their product, the event tent is even more lively and blows them away. Even today, we get emails from our past customers regarding their positive experiences and how our customer service is unparalleled and can’t be beaten along with comments about how their tents are still taut and kicking even after 8 plus years. This is such a great feeling for us. We continue to grow today with word of mouth and referrals in addition to countless new businesses and established ones that believe in our work and trust us blindly.

Splash Tents Caters to a Diverse Range of Businesses:

Wineries, Breweries & Restaurants: Cultivating Brand Awareness with Style.

From showcasing award-winning wines to highlighting seasonal harvests and delightful dishes, Splash Tents offers custom solutions for wineries, orchards, and restaurants. Wineries can utilize vibrantly colored tents with their logo to create a sophisticated atmosphere for showcasing their latest vintages, while orchards can create a welcoming and inviting space to sell their freshest produce. Restaurants can leverage the power of a branded tent to introduce attendees to their culinary creations, potentially attracting new customers and boosting business.

Maple Branch Brewery (Fort Worth, Texas): This brewery uses our Premium 10×10 custom canopy Splash Tent to showcase their award-winning craft beers at festivals and events. B-52 Brewing (Conroe, TX) utilizes Splash Tents’ 10×10 event tents and branded 6-foot tablecloths to create a recognizable and inviting space for attendees to sample their beers. Not only that, but they also won an award for best set-up and the beer. Lakewood Brewing (Garland, Texas) relies on Splash Tents for their custom 10×10 pop-up beer tents that effectively promote their brand and engage festival crowds. These clients have ordered multiple times and continue to do so over the years as their graphics evolve over time. 

Beyond Wineries, Restaurants and Breweries….

Plant-based food brands like Follow Your Heart displays their vegan cheese and other sustainable healthy food products under a 10×10 sampling pop up tent from Established favorites like Ginos Pizza in New York and Pizza Inn (the renowned Pizza chain) also turn to Splash Tents to create a familiar and welcoming space, reminding attendees of their classic pizzas. From the bold flavors of Hell’s Kitchen Hot Sauce in Queens, New York to the enticing aroma of BBQ from companies such as Sucklebusters in Coppell, Texas, Splash Tents’ customizable food booth tents and canopies cater to a diverse range of food and beverage companies, allowing them to stand out in a crowded marketplace.

The possibilities are truly endless. With Splash Tents’ commitment to customization and high-quality products, any business can create a branded event space that captures attention and leaves a lasting impression. 

If you are stuck and don’t know where to begin, simply give us a call today and speak to one of our representatives and leave the rest to us. Seriously, that is all it takes to get started. You can reach us by email on [email protected] or calling us on 214.432.4025. We look forward to serving you and getting you noticed. 

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