Tips for Choosing the Best Pool Builder

As a custom swimming pool builder for more than 35 years I’ve seen many companies come and go and most deserved to go. The main reason’s were they just didn’t listen to the wants and needs of there customers. The main goal we have for all of our customers is they are able to realize their dream and have the custom pool they had in mind and not the vision of a salesperson. It is vitally important that the information gathering portion of the pool pre sales stage is complete and understood as to the final usage, type and look of the project. A clear concise layout of all the backyard areas intended for use in the pool area should be looked at and worked into a total plan before any work is started. If I could say that one thing would be of most importance this would be it, and if your builder hasn’t asked you a boat load of questions you probably have the wrong company.

Let’s break this down to make it a little easier.

1. Have you picked out your favorite shape?
2. Have you picked out the best location?
3. Have you put any thought into your bather load?
4. Have you identified your usage type?

That’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to pre-building questions. A quality builder will have enough questions to make your head spin and a gigantic red light should flash if you don’t get those. With all the different types of structures available along with construction methods your going to need a builder that can explain the benefits and drawbacks of each. Unfortunately you will probably find the typical niche builder that has only one type of Pool Deck Pavers Jupiter available and you’ll get the sales pitch against all the rest. Another big red light should then be spinning if that’s the case. Different types of pool techniques work better in the areas they were designed for and believe this, not every one will give you the long term quality you deserve. Certain types of construction methods used in the desert environments do not hold up well in the Midwest or Northeast due to freeze and thaw issues. In the end the builder you choose to construct the master piece in your backyard should address all these issues and more and if not, they could lack the experience needed to give you a custom pool that will last and last. Ask questions, ask a lot of questions and if you don’t get good quick concise answers move on to another builder. Make this the best building project you’ve ever done.


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