What Is the Dell Proximity Printing Solution?

Although we live in a high-tech world, where we can access Internet and WiFi in coffee shops as well as share network printers, there are still many things that can mar productivity and send us into fits of annoyance. Simple things, like forgetting our car charger at home or not finding network printers close by to print out an overdue college paper, can ruin an otherwise beautiful day.

Well, Dell has just introduced a clever little solution to make your day a little brighter. Released as a free download last June 8, the Dell Proximity Printing Solution is just one of four different printing solutions from Dell that are designed to make life easier for all of us. Read on to find out how Dell’s Proximity Printing Solution is perfect for students, professionals and large offices.

Why Create a Proximity Printing Solution?

Large offices have a larger number of employees. This equates to a larger number of hardware and software needs, as well as a proportionally larger amount of printing needs, as well. While network printing is the obvious solution to be able to accommodate everyone’s print chores, IT and network administrators will find it increasingly difficult to manage all these printers.

For one, adding printers or updating printer drivers can cause problems in the configurations of employees’ laptops and computers. Also, a large number of print queues can be very hard to handle. Imagine trying to manage 50 different network printers connected to over 500 various computers, the users of which need to print at the same time.

Now, translate that problem into a mobile environment. You’re rushing a term paper, which is due in an hour, in your university’s coffee shop. You’re ready to print your 20-page paper, but there’s no printer in sight! Even if you are connected to your campus’ Wi-Fi, you still have to get up from your chair and look for the nearest network printers available and queue your paper right next to 10 other people rushing to get their projects done.

How Dell Proximity Printing Solution Can Help

This innovative solution from Dell streamlines printing processes for large offices and mobile users by removing the need for several printing queues. You only need the Dell Proximity Printing (DPP) queue in your computer or laptop. Clicking on this will open up Type of printing a map that shows the layout of your office, school or floor as well as the available printers near your area.

To print, you just need to click on any of the colored icons of network printers in the area and your document or project is automatically sent to the selected device for network printing. To make things easier, the printer icons appear in different colors, so you know which ones are available and how far they are from your exact location. Red, for instance, means that the printer is offline, while blue indicates printers that are farther away.

The DPP solution also eliminates the need for multiple printer drivers, since its software already functions as a universal driver. It also allows you to access all the information and features of each printer in your network. This spells heaven for IT and network administrators, since they only have to maintain a single printing queue and update only one printer driver. The DPP solution also needs just one physical or virtual server, with client packages installed in user laptops or computers. Security is managed by adding network rights to specified users.

They say that the best things in life are free, and Dell has proven that this adage is true with its Proximity Printing Solution. Never has network printing been this productive!


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