White Topaz Gemstone: Surprise Her With a Diamond Ring Alternative That She Will Love!

Picking out an engagement ring for your loved one can be an often daunting and intimidating task. You want to make sure you get it exactly right. Will she love it? Does it look good? Where do I even start!? Of course the first thing that comes to mind is to buy the biggest diamond your money can afford but did you know that white topaz is one the best gemstone diamond alternatives on the market? From its pure color and its awesome style and luster to the great affordability for your bank account, buying this gem for an engagement ring is a great choice. This guide will explore the reasons why white topaz makes a great alternative engagement ring to buy as a diamond substitute.

There has been a tremendous increase in the popularity of buying white topaz as a diamond engagement ring alternative due to its color. Topaz does come in a vast array of colors, with other popular variations being blue, yellow, pink, etc. but the colorless Aquamarin gemstone will give you the closest resemblance to the best diamonds available. When buying diamonds, the most ideal have very few flaws and are colorless, all of which you will easily find in this one of a kind ring. Not only is color significant, the quality of a gemstone carries just as much importance and although not a diamond, it is definitely not a lackluster gemstone.

Another important aspect when engagement ring buying is to buy something that she’ll be able to cherish for many years to come. Quality is key! You’ll get incredible shine and sparkle in a white topaz gemstone engagement ring because it has a glassy luster, or vitreous luster. The glassiness also gives it an incredible fire radiance that is sure to catch anyone’s eye. White topaz also carries a Mohr’s hardness rating of 8, with diamonds coming in on the Mohr’s scale at 10. You should now start understanding why white topaz makes for a popular diamond substitute with its look and style but probably the most compelling reasons of all is yet to come.

Cost is key for many people and probably the best part of this gemstone is that it’s an affordable engagement ring. It’s considerably less expensive compared to what you’ll end up spending on a diamond of the same size and is still a natural gemstone. We all want the bigger diamond but not the bigger price tag. Well you can get a bigger stone by choosing a white topaz engagement ring instead.

In just the few points mentioned above, you can probably now see why white topaz makes a great diamond ring alternative and the reasons behind this gemstone’s popularity when popping the question. Between its color, shine, and affordability you definitely have an incredible piece of jewelry on your hand that anyone would love to be the proud owner of!


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